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Law Preview Ambassador Program

As an alum of our program, we encourage you to sign up to become a Law Preview Ambassador and we'll send you a unique coupon code that you can share with your family and friends who may be attending law school next fall.

When registrants use your unique coupon code, they get $100 off the course of their choice, and you get $100 for each registration.

Here are just a few creative ways that some alums have shared coupon codes in the past:

Terms & conditions

By clicking submit, you acknowledge the following:

  1. That BARBRI Law Preview has engaged me as an independent contractor beginning with the submission of this form and ending on August 31, 2022 (the “Term”).
  2. I understand that I will be provided a unique coupon code that people can use to register for any BARBRI Law Preview course offered before August 31, 2022, and that I shall receive $100 (“Referral Fee”) for each paid student who registers for BARBRI Law Preview using my unique coupon code. A single check will be mailed to me on August 31, 2022, representing the total of all Referral Fees earned during the Term.
  3. I understand that I will be ineligible for any Referral Fee for student(s) who enroll using my coupon code and who later withdraw from the Law Preview course and are refunded all or part of their tuition.  Similarly, I understand that I will ineligible for any Referral Fee for students who take Law Preview on  scholarship from one of our scholarship sponsors.
  4. I acknowledge that I am not an employee of BARBRI Law Preview and, therefore, am ineligible to participate in any employee benefit plan or program BARBRI Law Preview provides to its employees. Furthermore, as independent contractor, BARBRI Law Preview will not make deductions from its payments to me for income taxes, social security, unemployment insurance, workers' compensation insurance, or other employment/payroll taxes, which shall remain my sole responsibility.
  5. I further acknowledge that I retain full responsibility for complying with income reporting and other requirements imposed upon self-employed persons by federal, state, and/or local laws, as well as all forms of insurance. For the avoidance of any confusion, Law Preview will mail any and all payments and tax documents to the permanent address provided above.