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Incoming 1L New Year Resolutions You’ll Want to Keep

The start of a new year is always something to look forward to. But for you, pre-law student, it’s especially exciting. This is the year you take the first step toward your future legal career, and that’s worth celebrating! Here are four New Year resolutions you should adopt as an incoming law student. Start Creating Healthy […]

How to Stay Sane as a First-Year Law Student

The closer you get to law school, the more anxious you get. It’s okay! It happens. Being a first-year law student is all about getting to the top, and not losing your mind while trying. After that, it’s smooth sailing (or at least smoother sailing). The truth is, starting law school is an adjustment. It […]

5 Revolutionary Black Lawyers That Changed America

In celebration of Black History Month, we’re featuring five revolutionary black lawyers who had an impact on American history. Some of these men and women made their marks in the courtroom, some gravitated to legislatures and others have been successful in both arenas. Macon Bolling Allen, First African American Lawyer & Judge, 1816 Macon Bolling […]