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Our Most Popular Questions, Answered

Preparing for law school can be stressful. Law Preview has helped thousands of incoming students prepare to conquer law school, before their first day of class. But don’t just take our word for it. Hear why our students recommend taking Law Preview for 1L success. Below are some Law Preview FAQs about our courses, financial […]

Navigating the Upside Down – How to Survive 1L

At Law Preview, we’re big fans of the Netflix series Stranger Things. Haven’t heard of it or seen it? Before you lose all of your free time to study groups and case briefings, I suggest you start binging now. Law school can be a lot like the upside down: dark and scary. Which is why […]

Are You Ready for Law School? [Quiz]

At Law Preview, we know a thing or two about being law school ready, and we’ve got the numbers to prove it. You’re probably starting to think about what steps you should take this summer to achieve 1L success. Law Preview helps you prepare for the law school experience and ultimately your legal career. Wondering if you’re ready […]

Your Journey to Becoming a 1L, As Told in Dog Memes

The journey to becoming a 1L is a long one, filled with a whole lot of stress and anxiety. You’ve worked hard as an undergrad, taken the LSAT, applied for law school and waited in limbo for what felt like forever. Then, it finally happened. You got your first acceptance letter. That being said, there […]

7 Badass Women Lawyers Who are Changing History

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’re featuring 7 female lawyers who are changing history, breaking glass ceilings and not apologizing for it! Becoming a lawyer gives you the power to effect change around the world and to have a profound impact on history. Each of these women uses her knowledge and power to fight for […]

Let’s Talk Scholarships: Tips from the Pros

Law school is expensive, which is why you should be applying for scholarships now. The Admissions Dean Scholarship Finder features hundreds of law school scholarships, allowing you to filter your results to help you find scholarships most applicable to you. These 5 important tips will help you win that scholarship you applied for, so you can stress […]

5 Binge-Worthy Shows You Should Watch Before Starting Law School

As you probably know by now, lawyers impact everything around us, including television. These 5 shows feature the wide spectrum of law and how it affects people in different ways. Whether you’re waiting to hear back from your top school, or getting ready to prepare for law school, you should check these shows out while […]