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Seven Negative Habits to Avoid in Law School

Starting law school ahead of the curve means being prepared before day one. As an incoming law student, I have a feeling you know a thing or two about preparation. If you want to start law school on the right foot, try building positive habits and skills that will set you up for success.   As a […]

Why You Should Be Meeting With Your Pre-Law Advisor

Deciding to go to law school is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The application process alone can be complicated and overwhelming, but it doesn’t always have to be. If you’re an undergraduate student, you could be neglecting the one pre-law resource you’re already paying for: pre-law advisors. Pre-law advisors are there to […]

How to Become a Top Law Student (And Why It Matters)

Wondering how to become a top law student? Your 1L grades make a huge impact on your legal career. In fact, they will be the most important grades you receive throughout all three years of law school. 2L employment relies heavily on your 1L grades, and those 2L opportunities often lead to full-time jobs in the future. […]

Law School Lingo: What is Law Review?

Now that you’ve gotten into law school, it’s time to start learning the lingo. You may have seen the terms “Law Review” and “Law Journal” peppered throughout your research as you’ve been navigating the path to 1L. Here, we’re going to explain what Law Review is, and why it’s so important. What is Law Review? […]

Four Ways 1L Grades Will Impact Your Future

If there’s one thing you absolutely need to understand before starting law school, it’s the importance of 1L grades. Your first-year grades have a huge impact on everything from academic honors to your future legal career. It’s no wonder why professors and deans across the country agree that your first-year grades are the most important grades […]

How to Save Money on Law School Essentials

Almost every law student starts their 1L year worrying about how they’re going to pay for it. We get it, law school is expensive. That’s why applying for scholarships ASAP is essential to lessening your law school debt. But aside from the cost of tuition, law student life can get pretty pricey, too. Here are […]