BARBRI Law Preview expands law school prep portfolio with comprehensive online offering

BARBRI Law Preview expands law school prep portfolio with comprehensive online offering

Leading legal education provider enables pre-law students to leverage proven academic skills and strategies, and enhance law school success.

DALLAS, Texas, June 8, 2015 – BARBRI Law Preview, part of The BARBRI Group, the nation’s leading provider of legal education solutions for students and practicing attorneys, today announced the introduction of its Law Preview Online. The new offering complements the company’s existing classroom-based Law Preview preparation course for students entering law school.

Since 1998, thousands of incoming law students have taken the week-long intensive study course prior to entering law school. BARBRI’s Law Preview, offered as law professor-led sessions in 21 locations around the country, teaches students how to brief cases, write outlines, study effectively, take tests and manage their time – all critical skills for success in law school. In addition to the skills portion, the classroom course also provides an overview of the six core law school subjects that are required for most students in their first year. The new Law Preview Online offers the skills portion of the course in an accessible way for students whose schedule, location or budget will not allow for attendance at the live lectures.

” Law Preview has helped thousands of students succeed in law school. That said, traveling to prepare for law school is an investment of time and money that not all students can afford,” explains Law Preview’s president and founder Don Macaulay. “Law Preview Online gives students who are unable to attend a live class a fantastic way to develop the skills they will need to be competitive in law school.”

“I was a participant in law preview last summer and finished my year in the top 10% of my class,” adds second-year law school student Rod Hickman. “Everyone has asked me how I did it and I immediately tell them the one element I give the most credit to in helping me master this steep curve is Law Preview. It’s an invaluable experience.”

More information is available at Law Preview and Law Preview Online.


At the core of The BARBRI Group Companies is BARBRI Bar Review, which has helped more than one million U.S. lawyers pass the exam. Now, The BARBRI Group companies meet the legal education needs of both law students and attorneys throughout their careers with expert instruction and innovative technologies. The BARBRI Group comprises affiliated companies working to improve legal learning in the United States and around the world by providing superior opportunities for law schools, law firms and law-related businesses to prosper. Founded in 1967, The BARBRI Group is headquartered in Dallas with offices throughout the United States.

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