Successful law students explain how they crushed 1L

Now that you’ve been admitted to law school, you’re likely beginning to hear the horror stories about the 1L year.

To help you separate myth from reality, Law Preview hosted a live Question and Answer session with current law students to give you a true and accurate picture of what to expect. Although they may be too modest to tell you how well they’ve done, we’ll brag for them – they CRUSHED it!

This session featured Alexandra Meyer (1L at Fordham Law), Katherine Saed (2L and Law Review Editor at Cardozo Law), and Joseph Sotile (1L at Columbia Law).

You can watch the recording here:

The Law Preview course sets you up for 1L success. It prepares you for law school by giving you a comprehensive overview of core 1L material including contracts, property, torts, criminal law, civil procedure, and constitutional law. The course also includes academic workshops that teach you how to brief cases, outlining, and exam-taking strategies.

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