Don Macaulay

Don Macaulay

BARBRI Law Preview

Don is a successful businessman, entrepreneur, and member of the senior management team at BARBRI. Within the last 10 years, Mr. Macaulay successfully started and ran three profitable education-related businesses. One of his businesses became the largest independent legal education bookstore in the U.S., while the other two, Law Preview and AdmissionsDean.com, grew into recognized leaders in their respective markets and were acquired by BARBRI in 2012. He has a passion for the law and legal education, and has become well known throughout the legal education field for his dedication to helping law students succeed in law school, in their careers as practicing attorneys, and in life. Before founding his companies, Don was an associate at Rogers & Wells in New York City (now Clifford Chance US LLP) where he specialized in antitrust and securities litigation. Don lives in Massachusetts with his wife, two daughters and son.

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