Jody Kraus

Columbia University School of Law
David E. Kaufman & Leopold C. Glass Professor of Law and Professor of Philosophy

Professor Kraus graduated from Yale Law School and joined the UVA Law faculty in 1990, where he taught contracts, commercial law, political theory, and jurisprudence. He was the recipient of the 1993 First-Year Teaching Award. While earning his doctorate in philosophy at Arizona, Professor Kraus received numerous awards, including the University of Arizona’s Meritorious Teaching Award. He wrote his dissertation as a Woodrow Wilson/Charlotte W. Newcombe doctoral fellow. While in law school, Kraus was a John M. Olin Scholar in Law and Economics and a senior editor on The Yale Law Journal. Professor Kraus is a member of the Advisory Board of Legal Theory, the American Law Institute, the Virginia Bar, the Association of American Law Schools, and the American Philosophical Association. In 2011, Professor Kraus joined the University of Pennsylvania Law School faculty as the David E. Kaufman & Leopold C. Glass Professor of Law and Professor of Philosophy. Prior to that he was a visiting professor at University of Michigan School of Law and Columbia University Law School.

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