Thomas Metzloff

Duke University School of Law
Professor of Law

Professor Metzloff is a native of Buffalo, N.Y. He earned his BA from Yale College in 1976 and his JD from Harvard Law School in 1979. He began his professional career with a judicial clerkship on the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, followed by a clerkship with the Supreme Court of the United States. He then practiced with a private firm in Atlanta doing civil litigation matters before accepting a position at Duke Law School in 1985. He teaches civil procedure, ethics, and dispute resolution, as well as a specialized course on the American legal system for international LLM students. He has taught that course regularly at Duke’s Geneva and Hong Kong summer institutes as well as at Tsinghua University in Beijing. He served as the Law School’s senior associate dean for academic affairs from 1998-2001, and currently serves as a member of the executive committee of Duke University’s Academic Council.

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