[Free Download] Summer Reading List for Incoming Law Students

Every year, students ask what they should read the summer before starting law school.  Many gunners think that reading commercial outlines in an effort to learn substantive legal doctrine will give them a leg up.  Don’t bother, it won’t.

Commercial outlines are study aids written for a very specific audience: current law students seeking clarity and practice as they grapple with black-letter law covered during the semester.  Clearly, that’s not you. Consequently, commercial study aids prove little utility to entering law students seeking an advantage over the summer.

To spare you the boredom (and frustration) of trying to teach yourself the minutiae of black-letter law, I’ll take a page from the Karate Kid and have you learn some foundational skills that will prove incredibly useful once classes start — without you even realizing that you’re learning at all.  So, if you’re looking for three incredible reads the summer before law school that are written specifically for a lay audience, you’re committing “student malpractice” if you don’t pick these up right now.

Download the Summer Reading List PDF now.