Law Preview On-Demand Course Payment Plan Option


We know that law school can be expensive and that Law Preview’s prep course, although an indispensable way of protecting your educational investment, is not within every student’s summer budget. That’s why we created a no-interest payment plan that allows students to pay their Law Preview tuition over time.

Here’s How It Works

Signing up for Law Preview with the Payment Plan Option is simple. Add the product to your cart below, and complete the checkout process. Once you’ve checked out, you are automatically signed up and will be charged according to the payment plan schedule.

Payment Schedule:

  1. First Payment- Immediate – 50% of Your Course Tuition
  2. Second Payment – 60 Days from First Payment – 25% of Your Course Tuition
  3. Third Payment – 60 Days from Second Payment – 25% of Your Course Tuition

Still Have Questions?

Contact our Customer Success Team at to learn more about our Payment Plan Option.