Five Must-Reads the Summer Before Law School [FREE DOWNLOAD]

This summer don’t waste your time reading outlines or study aids. Those are written for current law students, not incoming 1Ls.

If you’re an incoming law student, download the Five Must-Reads Before Law School PDF. Law Preview gives you the three books you should read before 1L to help you understand the law before the first day of class.

Ready to start 1L ahead of the curve?

Law Preview 1L Prep Courses give you the tools and knowledge you need to become a top law student before your first day of class.

Learn the ins and outs of law school from the nation’s top law professors in-person, via live stream, or on-demand. Course content includes: an overview of core 1L material, proven exam-taking strategies, outlining and note-taking techniques and more.

Download the reading list

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