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What Study Strategy Should You Improve for 1L? [QUIZ]

Guest Blogger: Kate Fox, 1L Student

Kate Fox is a 1L at University of Pittsburgh School of Law and a social media intern for BARBRI Law Preview. She attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania, obtaining a degree in Marketing with a minor in Applied Statistics. As a first year, she has secured a summer legal internship with FedEx Ground in Pittsburgh… Read More

Whether you are starting law school immediately after undergrad or you are going back to school after years off, we all need some advice on how to study the law. You are about to enter a highly competitive environment that is completely new. It doesn’t hurt to know what to expect and how to prepare! This quiz should help you figure out what to focus on in the first few weeks. Even though you will get one result here, don’t stop improving all of your study skills so you can be a top law student.

When I read, I:

When I take notes in class, I:

When I am called on in class, I:

When I study, I primarily:

When I take an exam, I: