Top 1L questions answered to help calm those 1L jitters

If you’re heading to law school this fall, you’re probably dealing with some 1L jitters. Law school is like no other academic experience, and 1L grades will dictate your professional future.

During your first year of law school, the grades you receive are the grades that employers will use when deciding who to interview for 2L summer employment. These same employers will extend permanent employment offers to law school graduates based on their job performance during the 2L summer.

With this in mind, Don Macaulay (President of Law Preview), and Daniel Khalessi (SLS 3L & President of Stanford Law Review) created this Q&A session to discuss how incoming law students can crush their first year of law school.

The Law Preview course sets you up for 1L success. It prepares you for law school by giving you a comprehensive overview of core 1L material including contracts, property, torts, criminal law, civil procedure, and constitutional law. The course also includes academic workshops that teach you how to brief cases, outlining, and exam-taking strategies.

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