What is the difference between the four programs you offer?

During the summer we offer four different course options that allow enough flexibility to fit within every student’s schedule and budget.

LIVE PROGRAMMING (Available July – August)

  •  1-Day Lexis-Nexis Legal Research & Writing Workshop is held on the last day (Saturday) of each session. This program is sponsored by LexisNexis and covers techniques for effective legal writing, proper citation of legal authority, drafting legal memoranda, analyzing legal authority, and strategies for online legal research.
  • 5-Day Live Law School Prep Course is held Monday – Friday of each session. This class is designed to provide you with a roadmap for each of the core first-year classes, taught by some of the best legal faculty in the country.  Before you enter law school you will learn the historical implications that gave rise to certain areas of law, and the fundamental doctrines, themes and policies seen over and over in each first-year class. This roadmap is critical to your success since, as the year progresses, you will have a conceptual framework in which to develop your understanding of the law.The 5-day program also teaches students proven academic success tactics.  Academic skills covers approximately 10 hours of the week, delivered in four different lectures: Case-Briefing and Case Law Analysis, Law Preview’s 12 Steps to Academic Success, Outlining and Exam Preparation, and our 4-hour Exam-Taking Strategies and Strategies Workshop.  These academic skills lectures are taught by Don Macaulay, Law Preview’s Founder, as well as by Law Preview alumni who not only experienced tremendous success in law school, but are now enjoying incredible careers as practicing attorneys. They will share the secrets that allowed them to finish at the top of their law school classes and gain employment at some of the country’s most prestigious law firms and courts.
  • 6-Day Complete Live Law Preview Course runs Monday – Friday during each session and is simply a combination of the 5-day and 1-day programs. Students who register for the 6-day class save $100 off the combined price of both programs.

ONLINE PROGRAMMING (Available Anytime)

  • Law Preview’s Online Skills Program provides students with video lectures and written materials that track the academic skills components covered in the 5- or 6-day live Law Preview classes.  Students gain access to academic skills modules that cover: Case-Briefing and Case Law Analysis, Law Preview’s 12 Steps to Academic Success, Outlining and Exam Preparation, Exam-Taking Strategies and Strategies for Online Legal Research presented by LexisNexis.  The difference between the Online program and the Live 5- or 6-day class is that you do not get the benefit of the overview of each of the core first-year subjects taught by real law professors.