What’s the difference between Live Stream and On-Demand Law Preview Programs?

Students who enroll in the Live Stream program will watch a LIVE broadcast of the Law Preview 6-day Classroom class and will have the opportunity to ask questions of professors through a moderated chat feature. In case Live Stream participants miss a day or need to supplement their notes, we also provide them with On-Demand access that allows you to pause/rewind/play; On-Demand access is available on a 24-hour delay.  So, Live Stream participants get the best of both online options.

On-Demand participants typically cannot fit Live/Live Stream attendance into their summer work schedule. In addition to allowing students to pause/rewind/fast forward during the lectures, the main benefit of the On-Demand course is that students can watch (or even “binge watch”) the Law Preview class at their leisure throughout the summer.  In 2019, On-Demand access will be available from July 16, 2019 until August 31, 2019 – providing plenty of time to watch (and even re-watch) all the lectures.