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Ready to take the first step toward the top of the class? Enroll in the Law Preview On-Demand Course today and gain access from May 1, 2023, through August 31, 2023. This course includes access to our online on-demand course, plus a hard copy coursebook with real case studies, activities, and more to be used throughout the duration of your course.

Payment plan details

Signing up for Law Preview with the Payment Plan Option is simple. During checkout, select Payment Plan and complete the checkout process. Once you’ve checked out, you are automatically signed up and will be charged according to the payment plan schedule.

Payment Schedule:

  1. First Payment – Immediate – $335.00
  2. Second Payment – 30 Days After First Payment – $335.48
  3. Third Payment – 30 Days After Second Payment – $335.47
Law Preview On-Demand Course $1,395.00
Subtotal $1,395.00
Early Enrollment Pricing Discount -$400.00
Materials Shipping & Handling $10.95
Total $1,005.95

Law Preview Students Thrive


“I honestly believe that without Law Preview, I would not have finished my 1L year in the Top 6% of my class. I was able to hit the ground running while most of my classmates were just trying to not be overwhelmed. The head start Law Preview provides allowed me to earn the highest grade in two classes and a spot on my school’s Law Review.”

— Caleb T., New England School of Law


Finished with a B+ or higher GPA at the end of 1L


Were offered a summer associate or clerkship after 2L


Were invited to participate on a Law Review or Journal

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