It’s not too late to conquer law school…Learn why first year grades matter most.

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Conquer Law School

The nation’s top law students attend Law Preview. What will you do to prepare this summer?

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Nearly 40% of BARBRI Law Preview students finished in the top 10% of their 1L class

In Law School, 1L Grades Matter Most

Your first year grades not only determine your eligibility for law review and other academic honors, but dictate what job opportunities are available when you graduate. The most selective legal employers recruit law students at the beginning of their second year, and they often only interview law students who finished at the top of their 1L class.

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During our week-long, intensive summer prep courses, you’ll learn how to brief cases, outline, study effectively and manage your time. In addition, you’ll learn unique exam taking methods and put them into practice on real law school exams. Law Preview offers classroom instruction in 1-day, 5-day, 6-day formats.

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We understand that you may not have time to attend a week-long live intensive program during the summer. To help more students prepare for their 1L year, we also offer a 7 hour, self-paced, online program including: case-briefing, case law analysis, time management, outlining, and exam-taking strategies.

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We’ve partnered with select law schools, some of the world’s largest law firms, and Fortune 500 companies to create opportunities for incoming law school students. These sponsoring organizations generously fund full scholarships for law students to attend a live Law Preview session so they can learn to excel in law school.

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I believe that my Law Preview course definitely contributed to my academic success so far and I plan to continue applying Law Preview strategies for the rest of my law school career.

Anonymous, Columbia University Law School, Class of 2016

I participated in [BARBRI] Law Preview this past summer in Los Angeles, and the course was very influential in my first semester success because it taught me how to approach the material, remain organized and stay one step ahead… I strongly believe it is due to the training, materials and resources provided by Law Preview that I finished my first semester in law school with a 4.0 GPA.

Stephanie R., Loyola Law School, Class of 2014


of students said the course met or exceeded expectations. These students also said they would recommend Law Preview to other students.

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