Are you ready for law school? [quiz]

Ask any lawyer whether they were truly ready for law school and they’ll likely say, “No way!”

Now, sure, lots of people like to exaggerate the difficulty of an experience that they survived — especially when advising a newbie. However, when it comes to reflecting upo the first year of law school, that type of response is likely genuine.

Law school vs. undergrad

Law school is one of the most unique learning experiences out there, and its law school’s uniqueness that also makes it one of the most difficult. The pedagogy and testing methods are entirely foreign from what students experience in college. Consequently, students’ undergraduate study and test-taking skills don’t adequately prepare them for 1L.

It’s as if you’ve trained hard for a traditional marathon and are in top physical condition, but on race day you’re told that you must “run” 26.2 miles on your hands.  At that moment, if someone asked you whether you were ready for that race, you’d also likely say, “No way!” — and you wouldn’t be misrepresenting your lack of preparedness.

Determine your readiness 1L by taking our “Are You Ready For Law School?” quiz.

Conquer law school with Law Preview

At Law Preview, we know a thing or two about being law school ready, and we’ve got the numbers to prove it. Law Preview helps you prepare for the law school experience and ultimately your legal career. During the course, Law Preview students learn the ins and outs of law school from top of the top professors across the country.

Here’s what Law Preview covers:

  • Core 1L course material including torts, contracts, property, criminal law and more
  • Proven exam-taking strategies
  • Academic success skills
  • Legal writing and research 101
  • 1L calendars, study aids, and other resources

Wondering if Law Preview is for you? Demo the course now.

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