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Since 1998, BARBRI Law Preview has been helping students find success in law schools across the country. Consistently, they attribute their law school success to Law Preview and the important difference it made for them during their first year and beyond.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

"Thanks to Law Preview’s overview, from the moment that classes started I knew how to manage my time, which proved invaluable when reading period began and I was ready to invoke Law Preview’s exam preparation strategies right on schedule. By having a firm background on the basics, I was also able to make time to get a head start on the 1L summer job hunt, which allowed me to secure a position with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York, my first choice job."

Corey B.
Harvard Law School

Hit the Ground Running

"Law Preview gave me the tools and confidence I needed to face 1L head-on. I was able to hit the ground running and felt prepared to outline and study for exams effectively. I was extremely pleased with my grades at the end of 1L and am happy to report I will be working at my top-choice firm next summer!"

Nicole C.
Georgetown University Law Center

Know What to Expect Before Day One

"The class was astounding, and I feel it was worth every penny. It’s a cheap price to pay to get ahead. I knew what was going on before I even landed at school and I understood what was expected to succeed. I drank the kool-aid and it worked."

Eric D.
University of Nevada Las Vegas

Get Tools & Guidance

"Law Preview certainly helped to prepare me for my 1L year not only by simulating the rigor of a law school classroom but by providing tools and guidance throughout my first semester. With the support of Law Preview, I was able to succeed in my first semester and receive a GPA of 3.78 which places me in the top 10% of my class! I am so grateful for this program and all the opportunities it has provided!"

Melissa F.
Fordham University School of Law

A Solid Foundation

"Law Preview helped give me a solid foundation for my first semester of law school. I felt prepared for not only how to take notes in class, but also how to create solid and comprehensive case briefs and outlines. Additionally, the suggested (and doable) daily/weekly schedule really helped me stay on top of my work and not feel completely overwhelmed by the course load. Overall, Law Preview helped me feel confident and in control of my first semester of law school!"

Allison C.
Suffolk University Law School

Transfer After 1L

"Law Preview gave me a solid foundation, a great study program and a concrete approach to law school. I never felt lost or overwhelmed because the approach and attitude that Law Preview champions was my guiding star. I finished up the year with a 4.04 average and was offered admission to Columbia Law School as a transfer."

Robert M.
Columbia University School of Law

Set Yourself Up for Success

I am confident that attending Law Preview set me up to succeed academically in my first semester. I was apprehensive of law school, and fearful of how I would stack up on the curve. Law Preview gave me the confidence and skills to apply in order to succeed academically. I would 100% take Law Preview again, and definitely recommend it to anybody about to start law school!

Sara S.
Ohio State University Moritz College of Law

Get to the Top of the Class

"I received all A’s my first semester and am ranked #1 in my class. Law Preview gave me the right mindset entering into law school, and I feel the class was a big part of my success. Not only did it help me succeed grades wise, but the class also gave me a sense of excitement to start law school."

Shaun C.
University of Houston Law Center

Get to Know the Basics

"Had it not been for the class, I would not have understood the importance of briefing cases, integrating my notes from class with my initial notes, and outlining, and how these practices impact performance on the final exam. Because I knew how imperative it was to discipline myself into practicing these strategies on a daily basis, I was able to stick to an efficient schedule that ultimately produced successful results."

Monica C.
Georgetown University Law Center

Start 1L Prepared

"The exam practice and strategy session gave me good insight into what kind of personal and mental organization is required for high marks. The most tangible benefit was a greater sense of calm at the outset, a notion that I knew what was coming and what I would have to do in order to meet my goals."

Adam M.
Fordham University School of Law

Conquer 1L Exams

"I was placed in the 1%-15% bracket of 1L students, which is the highest reserved honors that GWU gives. The Law Preview class on Exam Taking helped me to not only recognize exactly what my professors wanted to read, but helped me go into the course from day one with that mindset (something most students don’t begin to realize until they begin to outline)."

Daniel H.
George Washington University Law School

Your Law School Insurance Policy

"With the cost of tuition on the rise, Law Preview served as an 'insurance policy' to make sure I was heading off to law school well-prepared. I think Law Preview really helped me have a confident mindset before the semester even began; instead of drowning in a sea of homework and confusion, I have been able to navigate through the rigors of law school from Day One."

Michael D.
Ohio State University Moritz College of Law

Become an A+ Part-Time Student

"Law Preview provided me tools necessary to post a 4.11 (A+ in Contracts, A in Torts, and A in Legal Practice) going to school part-time and working full time. Your methods allowed me to do minimal 'crunch time' studying for that midterm and post the highest grades on both assignments."

Adam G.
New York Law School

Get a Step Ahead of the Competition

"Law Preview has helped me achieve top grades throughout 1L, excel throughout my school’s on-campus interview program, and land a summer associate offer at one of the most prestigious law firms in NYC. Law school is incredibly competitive and every small advantage, especially small advantages early on, snowballs into larger advantages throughout 1L. Law Preview arms you from day one with both the technical skills and the mindset to play the law school game and to win."

Michael Z.
Columbia Law School

Excel in 1L

"Since I am the first in my family to graduate from college, I did not know how to prepare for law school. Law Preview provided me with the tools to not only survive my first semester, but to also excel. I followed their recommendations and specifically their recommended calendar for allocating my time, which is something that I struggle with. This program is 100% worth it and I highly recommend it."

Francisca W.
Loyola University Chicago School of Law

Sit with the Top 5%

"Law Preview was the single most invaluable course I have ever taken. My colleagues were tossed into the dark, frigid waters of law school and told to swim for their lives. I, however, set sail in a beautiful catamaran, which was handcrafted by the skilled and knowledgeable instructors employed by Law Preview. I now sit among the top 5% of my class and am working to obtain a federal judicial clerkship this summer."

Evan C.
Indiana University School of Law—Indianapolis

Gain an Invaluable Edge

"Because of Law Preview, I was able to transfer to Harvard Law School. I would recommend Law Preview to every incoming law student. It gives you a real look into what one experiences in law school, lets you build your professional network, and, most importantly, provides you with an invaluable edge when it comes to performing in your first year. If you want to excel in law school, Law Preview is a must."

Matthew S.
Harvard Law School

Start with an Effective Study Schedule

"Thanks to Law Preview, I started my 1L year with an effective study schedule and knew how to prepare for class and final exams. In the end, it paid off and I finished in the top 5% of my class!"

Megan S.
University of Missouri—Kansas City School of Law

Stay On Track Throughout 1L

"Being diligent about staying on track with Law Preview’s schedule and knowing which days I could take off from studying helped me stay on track, be efficient and helped me achieve a 4.0 GPA my fall quarter which put me at around the top 1% of my class. Law Preview is a fantastic tool particularly for your 1L when everyone is in the dark about what to expect."

Stephanie S.
University of California – Hastings College of the Law

Learn How to Study for Law School

"I truly believe that Law Preview helped me learn to study appropriately and gave me the tools to focus in the weeks prior to 1L year so that I could hit the ground running from day one. The Law Preview monthly updates throughout the year were both informative and encouraging. I attribute much of my success to having a strong foundation and a great support system thanks to Law Preview."

Patrick M.
Georgetown University Law Center

Demystify the Law School Experience

"Law Preview set me up perfectly for success. The experience demystified law school – I came from a science/technical background and had no idea what to expect. After Law Preview, I knew exactly what to expect in class and prepared accordingly. I got the highest honors award available for both my fall and spring semesters. I received multiple interviews and job offers for this summer and law firms are already reaching out to me for the summer!"

Sophia P.
George Washington University School of Law

Learn Invaluable Exam Taking Tips

"Law Preview was an invaluable experience and instilled a sense of confidence in me entering my first year of law school. I would recommend the program to anyone looking to gain an upper hand at their law school. I finished my semester with a perfect 4.0 which places me at #1 out of my class of 334 students. The course overviews of my classes and exam-taking tips at Law Preview were extremely beneficial and allowed me to hit the ground running from day one."

Matthew C.
Suffolk University Law School

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