In law school, first-year grades matter most

Learn how preparing for law school can lead to a higher class rank, academic honors, and better job opportunities throughout your career

Why prepare for law school

Law school is like no other academic experience, and 1L grades will dictate your professional future, that’s why preparation is key. By taking Law Preview, you’ll walk into law school with an understanding of core 1L material and the skills you need to get to the top of the class.

Gain a competitive advantage

Walk into law school knowing exactly how to decipher legal material, brief-cases, and ace exams.

Practice top skills before day one

Practice makes perfect. Start practicing top skills before 1L to tackle challenges from day one.  

Know how to take and ace exams

Start law school with proven exam-taking strategies built to get you to the top of the class. 

Create a success-driven game plan

Getting to the top takes practice, dedication, and strategy. Learn how to create a strategy that works.

Start law school with confidence

Know what it takes to get to the top, while your peers are just trying to catch up. 

Land better job opportunties

Better grades mean better job opportunities. Your 1L grades will impact your career from 2L and beyond.

Our students thrive

"Law Preview gave me the tools and confidence I needed to face 1L head-on. I was able to hit the ground running and felt prepared to outline and study for exams effectively. I was extremely pleased with my grades at the end of 1L and am happy to report I will be working at my top-choice firm next summer!"

Nicole C.

Georgetown University Law Center

"I thoroughly believe that I would not be in the top 10% without attending Law Preview."

Taylor G.

SMU-Dedman School of Law

"Law Preview certainly helped to prepare me for my 1L year not only by simulating the rigor of a law school classroom but by providing tools and guidance throughout my first semester. With the support of Law Preview, I was able to succeed in my first semester and receive a GPA of 3.78 which places me in the top 10% of my class! I am so grateful for this program and all the opportunities it has provided!"

Melissa F.

Fordham University School of Law

"Law school is all about staying on top of everything, Law Preview teaches you how to accomplish that."

Pratibha K.

Transferred to Georgetown University Law Center

"Law Preview gave me a solid foundation, a great study program and a concrete approach to law school. I never felt lost or overwhelmed because the approach and attitude that Law Preview champions was my guiding star. I finished up the year with a 4.04 average and was offered admission to Columbia Law School as a transfer."

Robert M.

Columbia University School of Law

"Law Preview truly gave me the foundation to hit the ground running, and stay focused."

Khaair M.

Howard University School of Law

"Law Preview gave me the tools and confidence I needed to face 1L head-on."

David P.

Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law


Finished with a B+ or Higher GPA at the end of 1L


Were Offered a Summer Associate or Clerkship After 2L


Were Invited to Participate on a Law Review or Journal


Finished in the Top 10% of Their 1L Class

1L grades matter most

Ask any current law student or practicing attorney what year has the biggest impact on your professional future and they’ll agree: your 1L performance matters most.

Watch this video to learn why 1L grades matter, and how getting to the top of the class can affect your legal career.


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