Learn How Proper Preparation Can Make a Big Difference

Why Prepare for Law School

Your first year is crucial to success throughout law school and even affects future career opportunities. Top grades during your 1L year mean more than in any other year, because the most selective legal employers often start recruiting so early that first year grades are all that they see.

First year grades also typically determine a student’s eligibility for law review and other prestigious scholastic activities, including moot court, journals and assistantships with professors. Since many top employers refuse to interview candidates without these honors, a student’s academic performance during the first year dramatically impacts the professional opportunities available upon graduation.

With BARBRI Law Preview, you’ll learn everything you need to know, what to expect and how to truly excel in your first year and beyond. And since Law Preview is a BARBRI company, you can also choose to rely on best-in-class BARBRI law school resources during your entire law school experience.

Learn 1L Material & Skills

Law Preview Courses Cover Core 1L Material, Exam Strategies, Academic Skills and More

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Starting Your 1L Year Prepared Means Getting Ahead of the Curve Before Your Peers

Land Better Job Opportunities

Your 1L Grades Determine Future Job Opportunities and Academic Honors

Learn the Difference Between Law School & Undergrad

Law School is Nothing Like Undergrad

Success in law school cannot be achieved based on intelligence and hard work alone. To ensure your place at the top of the class, you must develop and execute an effective strategy for academic success. During the BARBRI Law Preview prep course, you’ll learn from our expert professors as they walk you through important topics and teach you essential skills.

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