Budget Worksheet For Entering Law Students [FREE DOWNLOAD]

We get it. Math is not your strong suit. That’s why you’re heading to law school.

If you’re like most entering law students, you’ve got an undiagnosed (but still very real) phobia of numbers. Anything more than simple addition will likely cause bad flashbacks of failing to memorize math facts in 4th grade.

So, whenever we tell entering law students that they need to create a budget for 1L, there’s usually an audible chuckle — and a “Yeah, right!” — before explaining how their BigLaw salary will allow them to hire a team of accountants to manage their money. 

Well, you’re not a lawyer yet, so living on a budget during law school will allow you to plan effectively and graduate with less debt. Luckily for you, we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you.

Just download our 1L Budget Worksheet and itemize your fixed monthly and per-semester expenses. It’ll automatically generate a rock-solid budget that even plans for overlooked (but necessary) items like casebooks, study aids, and post-graduation living expenses while you’re studying for the bar exam. 

We can sense there are beads of sweat on your forehead but, seriously, this budget is so simple even a law student can do it. Trust us.

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