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Success Statistics

So how good is the course? Law Preview students’ first year grades are well above the norm. In fact, an independent third party survey of Law Preview alums from 2010-2014 found:


  • 19% of Law Preview students finished in the top 5% of their 1L class
  • 38% of Law Preview students finished in the top 10% of their 1L class
  • The median class rank of all respondents reporting class rank was in the top 16% of their 1L class
  • 80% of Law Preview students who reported grades finished with a B+ or higher GPA at the end of their 1L year
  • 63% of Law Preview students were invited to participate on a law review or a journal
  • 35% of Law Preview students served as a teaching or research assistant for a law school professor during law school


  • 67% of Law Preview students were offered a summer associate/clerkship program during the summer after their 2L year


  • Among the Law Preview students who entered law school in 2010 and 2011, 97.5% graduated from law school (note: 93% of those from 2012 reported graduating; however, a portion of those students were part-time students who graduated in the spring of 2016)
  • 88% of Law Preview graduates reported passing the bar exam on the first try
  • 84% of Law Preview graduates reported being employed in the legal services industry, or as a judicial clerk, within 9 months after graduation (note: 4.5% of graduates who were not employed in the legal industry reported that they consciously decided not to pursue a law-related job)

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Success in law school cannot be achieved based on intelligence and hard work alone. To ensure your place at the top of the class, you must develop and execute an effective strategy for academic success. During the BARBRI Law Preview prep course, you’ll learn from our expert professors as they walk you through important topics and teach you essential skills.

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