AUWCL Enrollment

Law Preview is free for American University Washington College of Law (AUWCL) entering 1Ls.

Since AUWCL is subsidizing the cost of this program for our incoming students, if you participate in this program and then later do not matriculate at AUWCL or withdraw before October 5, you will be charged by BARBRI for Law Preview’s full course tuition of $1,395.

“An important part of 1L is learning how to manage new stresses and routines, and the tools that Law Preview gave me regarding outline habits, study tips, and exam preparation truly helped me remain calm and confident. Plus, since I was already exposed to first-year topics when classes began, I was able to understand the material at a deeper level, leading me to achieve a 3.95 GPA in my first semester. I would happily recommend Law Preview to anyone who wants to start law school with confidence and with the backing of a great support system.”

— Jenna C., American University, Washington College of Law, Class of 2021

“A year after completing the Law Preview program I am an articles-editor on my school’s Law Review, an extern with the enforcement branch of a federal agency, and sitting pretty with a GPA I’m too polite to share. I am confident that I wouldn’t have accomplished all of those things if it wasn’t for the instruction I received during my week of Law Preview.”

— Raimund S., American University, Washington College of Law, Class of 2021