Zahr Said

University of Washington School of Law
Charles I. Stone Professor of Law

Professor Zahr Said brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the University of Washington School of Law faculty as an Assistant Professor. Following a successful stint as a visiting professor at the University of Virginia School of Law, she embarked on her journey at UW Law, where she continues to make significant contributions to legal education and scholarship.

Zahr’s academic journey is marked by excellence and dedication. She earned her B.A. from UC Berkeley with honors (magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa), showcasing her commitment to academic achievement. Her pursuit of legal education led her to Columbia Law School, where she earned her J.D. While at Columbia, she served as the Articles Editor for the prestigious Columbia Journal of Law and the Arts and was recognized as a Kent Scholar, further solidifying her reputation for academic excellence.

Before delving into the field of law, Said pursued her passion for literature and academia, earning a Ph.D. in comparative literature from Harvard University. Her research focused on postcolonial theory and encompassed a diverse range of languages and literatures, including Arabic, French, and British literature. This interdisciplinary background enriches her teaching and scholarship, providing a unique perspective on legal issues.

At UW Law, Professor Said teaches courses in Torts, Copyright Law, and a groundbreaking course on intellectual property and social justice. Her passion for teaching is evident in her approach to Torts, where she developed an open-access casebook to provide students with free access to carefully selected cases that highlight issues of race, gender, class, sexual orientation, and ability. This innovative approach reflects her commitment to inclusivity and equity in legal education.

Beyond the classroom, Professor Said is dedicated to advancing social justice through her research and advocacy. Her interdisciplinary background informs her scholarship, which explores the intersection of law, literature, and social justice. Through her teaching, scholarship, and advocacy, she continues to make a profound impact on her students, colleagues, and the legal community at large.

Excitingly, Professor Said will be joining the faculty at Santa Clara University School of Law in June 2024, where she will undoubtedly continue her legacy of excellence in legal education and scholarship. 

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