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Law Preview courses are built to teach incoming law students the skills and tools they need to get to the top of the class. By taking a Law Preview course this summer, students will learn:

  • Core 1L material (Torts, Contracts, Property, and More)
  • Case briefing and case law analysis
  • Exam-taking strategies
  • Legal writing and research 101
  • And more

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University of Pennsylvania Law School

Summer 2021 faculty displayed, time and professors are subject to change.

Course Dates: July 20 - 25, 2020

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The Law Preview Course has been optimized to allow our students to digest instructor content while moving at a quick pace. The sample syllabus demonstrates how our courses are typically structured.

Sessions are taught by multiple law school professors throughout the day and include question and answer time at the end of each session. (Question and answer time is not included in the Online Course option.)

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Frequently asked questions

Law Preview builds better law students. If you are planning to enter law school, the grades you earn during the 1L year will largely determine whether you will see a meaningful return on the investment you’re making in a legal education.

Law Preview is a carefully designed program that positions serious students to excel during the all-important 1L year by providing overviews of the core first-year subjects as well as proven study and exam-taking tactics.

Mathematically, a law student’s first semester grades will largely determine their overall first-year GPA and class rank. Given the cost of a legal education, walking into your 1L without a proven plan for finishing at the top of your class is a profoundly flawed strategy.

Whether you are entering a T14 law school on a full-ride, or just got in off the waitlist at a lower-ranked school, you applied to law school to provide yourself with more options upon graduation.

While almost all students in your class will make the same investment of time and money for a law degree, first-year students in the top 10% simply have more options than their classmates in the bottom 90%. This is because top 1L grades open doors while even average grades close them.

Walking into law school with a solid game plan yields more options upon graduation.

There are no prerequisites to attend Law Preview. Most of our students take our program after they have been admitted to law school, during the summer before they begin classes.

However, a growing number of students are taking Law Preview even before they apply to law school to better understand the subject matter and workload before making such an important decision.

In addition to mastering case law analysis, case briefing, outlining and exam-writing, our students walk into law school with a foundational understanding of their core 1L classes taught by some of the best legal minds in the country.

Law Preview not only provides serious students with the knowledge and skills they will need to excel during the 1L year, it also helps them avoid many pitfalls and missteps encountered by their smart but unprepared classmates.

By walking into law school with a carefully crafted plan for the 1L year, Law Preview students have a concrete understanding of what is expected of them if they intend to receive an invitation onto Law Review the following June.

Would you run a marathon without any training? Just because someone offers you a bib to join the race, it’s probably ill-advised line up for the start without building up your endurance.

In the end, even if you are able to limp across the finish line, it’s highly unlikely that you would place among the elite runners who approach the race with discipline, strategy and a plan to win.

Law school is no different than a marathon, except that it is significantly more competitive (and expensive) and only a select few at the top of the class cross the finish line realizing a meaningful return on their investment. Walking into such an environment without preparation, but expecting success, is an incredibly risky move.

The On-Demand course will be available to registered students between June 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023.

Yes. Just like Law School, you’ll have pre-assigned readings you’ll have to complete before beginning each lecture. You can download the On-Demand syllabus here.

Yes. Using the format outlined in the Case Briefing chapter of our book, attempt to brief the cases for at least the first two days.

We will review the case briefing process on the first day, and at the conclusion of each professor’s substantive lecture, you will be able to download model case briefs so that you can compare them to yours and gauge your progress.

Pretty seriously. We recommend that you read through Wednesday before you arrive. We cover a lot of material during the week and the professors are going to expect you to have read in advance. To review the reading assignments for your session, download them from your account.

Absolutely. For students who are visually impaired, we make our written materials available in a digital format that might make them easier to read. For students who are hearing impaired, we will provide closed captions for our on-demand course so that it is easy to go back and review. Please email us before May 1 to learn more about our accommodations for the hearing impaired.

All of the supplemental course materials will be available as a PDF download within your account. The course also includes the 1L Outline Book, which will be shipped to you at your request.

After enrollment, students will receive an email with instructions on how to request a hard copy of the 1L Outline Book.

We know that law school can be expensive and that Law Preview’s prep course, although an indispensable way of protecting your educational investment, is not within every student’s summer budget. That’s why we created a no-interest payment plan that allows students to pay their Law Preview tuition over time.

Here's how it works:

  • Payment #1 - Immediate on day of enrollment
    Pay $335.00 of your tuition, plus a $10.95 materials shipping and handling fee.
  • Payment #2 - 50% of remaining balance
    You will be automatically charged 50% of the remaining balance of your owed tuition.
  • Payment #3 - 100% of remaining balance
    You will be automatically charged the remaining balance of your owed tuition.

You can register for Law Preview and attend any Law Preview course using the Payment Plan Option simply by indicating your desire to do so during our online registration process.

Law Preview reserves the right to turn your entire account over to a collection agency. In addition, we also reserve the right to report any non-payment to the registrar at your law school for inclusion in your Character and Fitness file, which could negatively affect your admission to the Bar.

Thankfully, in 20 years we never had to resort to either option — please don't be our first!

Yes. If your enrollment qualifies for an early enrollment discount and/or a discount from one of our partner schools or organizations, you will still be able to deduct those amounts from your overall Law Preview tuition.