Payment Plan Terms & Conditions

By signing up with the Payment Plan Option, you agree to the downpayment charge of 50% of the total tuition and hereby authorize BARBRI Law Preview to charge the balance of my tuition in the installments as set forth: 25% of the remaining tuition 60 days after the first payment, 25% of the remaining tuition 60 days after the second payment.

In the event of nonpayment, you understand that BARBRI Law Preview reserves the right to turn over your account to a collections agency and report any non-payment to the registrar at my law school for inclusion in your character and fitness file which could negatively affect my admission to the Bar.

In addition, if for whatever reason you have not paid your balance in full by December 1, 2020, you will be responsible for a late fee equal to 3% of the outstanding balance, compounded monthly until fully satisfied. All other terms and conditions governing my BARBRI Law Preview registration shall apply.

For questions about this policy, please contact us at 1-888-PREP-YOU (773-7968) or [email protected].