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Diversity Scholarship

Students who plan to attend Syracuse University College of Law can apply for a full scholarship to attend any BARBRI Law Preview session so they can learn from the nation’s leading law school professors and attorney lecturers what to expect and how to succeed in law school.

To be eligible for a Law Preview Diversity Scholarship, applicants must (i) be a member of a racial or ethnic group that has been historically underrepresented in the legal profession, (ii) a member of the LGBTQ community, (iii) a student with a disability, or (iv) a woman. To be eligible, the applicant must also be enrolled to begin law school in the fall.

If you plan to attend Syracuse University College of Law and meet the scholarship criteria, complete the online application before the scholarship deadline. A selection panel will evaluate all completed applications, and scholarship recipients will be notified on or about June 15, 2022.

** PLEASE NOTEStudents who enroll in Law Preview on their own to reserve a seat will be refunded in full if they ultimately receive a scholarship.**

Scholarship Award

Scholarship recipients will receive free tuition to any Law Preview 1L Prep Course, including in-person, live stream, and online options. 

Scholarship Sponsor(s)

What Our Students Say...

"Although class ranks haven’t posted yet, I was so happy with my Fall semester grades. I felt like Law Preview helped set a sturdy foundation before entering into these classes and I can’t imagine I would have done so well on exams without the practice over the summer. I recommend this course to EVERY incoming law student. You will set your self apart and feel more comfortable from day one."
- Lindsay P., Syracuse Univ. College of Law, Class of 2023