Washington University School of Law, St. Louis

Washington University School of Law, St. Louis

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St. Louis, MO 63130

Law Preview Course Scholarship

Students who plan to attend Washington University School of Law, St. Louis can apply for a full scholarship to attend BARBRI Law Preview so they can learn from the nation’s leading law school professors and attorney lecturers what to expect and how to succeed in law school.

To be eligible for a Law Preview Course Scholarship, the applicant must be enrolled to begin law school in the fall.

If you plan to attend Washington University School of Law, St. Louis and meet the scholarship criteria, complete the online application before the scholarship deadline. A selection panel will evaluate all completed applications, and scholarship recipients will be notified on or about June 30, 2024.

** PLEASE NOTEStudents who enroll in Law Preview on their own to reserve a seat will be refunded in full if they ultimately receive a scholarship.**

Scholarship Award

Scholarship recipients will receive free Law Preview course

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What Our Students Say...

"Law Preview was great for two reasons. First, the classes were a good way to get my feet wet. There was enough content that I did not feel blind walking into any of my classes, but not so much that I felt I would not remember it. The overview style was perfect because it pierced the veil of the opaquely named 'Property,' 'Contracts,' and 'Torts.' Second, and more importantly, the scheduled approach to the semester and the exam-taking techniques were highly effective. I wasted no time in trying to figure out what my approach would be. Grades were just a validation that it worked and that I should repeat exactly what I did last semester, which was exactly what Law Preview spelled out. I am very grateful that I am not in a position where my approach last semester did not work and I am left trying out another untested approach. This is, of course, thanks to Law Preview. [3.76 GPA after the first semester]."
- Anonymous, Washington University (St. Louis) School of Law, Class of 2023