Sophia Sim

Associate Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid

George Washington University School of Law

The Basics

What are your best tips for asking for an application fee waiver?

GW Law does not charge an application fee. Generally, there are two types of waivers: merit and need. If it is merit, I would email the school and attach a resume that includes your cumulative GPA and LSAT score.

If you are asking for a need-based waiver, I still would include my resume noting another need-based aid you have received such as Pell grants, and include a short paragraph outlining why you think you would qualify.

Understanding that all schools may have different procedures, but generally, if an applicant doesn’t get accepted to a school when they applied ED, do they automatically get rolled over to regular decision or is it possible that you can be rejected directly from ED?

Our binding Early Decision (not our binding Presidential) gives you the best consideration possible. It's a way to affirmatively show that we are your number one choice. Since you receive more favorable consideration via Early Decision, there is no need to roll an applicant over to the regular admissions process.

Understanding that all schools may have different procedures, but generally, what is the latest you would recommend a student taking the LSAT if they wanted to apply to law school during a given admissions cycle?

It's an interesting year since the new digital LSAT will be offered nine times. In past cycles, I've told applicants that most law schools are rolling admissions, and one should take the LSAT by December.

However, this year, I know of many prospective students that are planning to take the LSAT in January or February. My general advice--take it when you're ready, and try to be ready as early as possible.

Will K-JDs need to submit to LSAC another copy of their transcript after the fall semester and/or spring semester of their senior year? And, be honest, how much does a POST-admission GPA really matter to an admissions committee?

Yes, all incoming students must submit an official final transcript directly to LSAC showing that they received their undergraduate degree.