Tiger King

Daniel K., Stanford Law School

“Law Preview had a significant impact on my success in my first quarter at Stanford Law School. The program armed me with the key concepts of the first year curriculum and taught me how to prepare for class efficiently and effectively. If law school were karate, Don Macaulay would be the Mr. Miyagi of the …

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Anonymous, Vanderbilt University School of Law

“I thought I came in with substantially less nerves about case briefing than many of my classmates. This made the adjustment to law school far easier than I anticipated [3.77 GPA after fall semester].”

Anonymous, University of Florida School of Law

“I went into law school prepared and felt ahead of the curve when it came to jumping into the swing of 1L. I felt comfortable while everyone was still learning how to balance the readings and learn to brief. Without Law Preview I don’t believe I could have achieved my 4.0 GPA.”