Amanda U., St. John’s University School of Law

“Having worked for several years before applying to law schools, I was nervous about getting back into a school setting. I signed up for Law Preview, hoping that it would re-acclimate me to the classroom, the note-taking, and the concentration I would need to get by in law school. I was happy with the week I spent, feeling confident that at the very least, I would not be completely lost when classes began. After a week of school, however, I realized that I had received much much more from the week I spent with Law Preview. I knew how to read and understand cases, which reduced the stress of preparing for classes and gave me more time to outline and review my notes. I was able to prepare for finals throughout the semester, using the strategies Law Preview gave me to attack outlining, studying, and test-taking. Law school exams are hard, but Law Preview helps to maximize your potential by showing you how to focus your time and concentrate on the important issues. I ended my first year near the top of my class. I was invited to join Law Review and I interned for a federal judge in my first-year summer. Now, nearing the end of my second year, I am looking forward to a summer associate position at one of New York’s top law firms. I owe many thanks to Law Preview!”

Amanda U., St. John's University School of Law