Anonymous, University of Texas Law School

“My grades were as follows: Contracts A+, Property A-, Civ Pro B+. I haven’t received my legal research and legal writing grade yet, but it should be okay… All of my exams this semester are closed book essays, so I’m confident that my preparation and training paid dividends. In terms of work, I ended up getting a 1L job (pre-grades offer) with a big firm, based in large part on my work exp. I’m going to do research for a prof for the second half of the summer. Law Preview was an invaluable orientation to law school. Before I arrived at school, I had practiced reading and briefing cases and had a solid plan of attack. By diligently staying ahead with my reading and by keeping on schedule, I was able to pay better attention in class and to focus on my professors’ personal views. When “crunch time” came around at the end of the semester, many of my classmates had difficulty figuring out how to outline effectively, while I had already begun weeks earlier and was ready to focus on practice exams. Also, because I was well organized, I had plenty of time to prepare cover letters and resume for the Dec. 1 mailing date. Overall, Law Preview gave me confidence that I could conquer law school, and I wasn’t disappointed.”