Quinn E, Creighton University School of Law, Class of 2017

My notes from the law preview session were basically a broad outline of all my courses for 1L year. As I progressed through the year, other student were bewildered and trying to figure out how all the pieces fit together-I found that by referring back to my notes I was able to track what we were learning and see how the concepts worked together and why we were learning them in the order we did. It gets easy during the school year to get bogged down in the minutia of specific rules and doctrines, yet when you come to exam time you discover that it takes a working understanding of how the subject as a whole operates, having a system for which issues trigger other issues that professors are looking for helps to rack up the point son exams-law preview provided that framework to see the big picture. The ~$1000 I spent on law preview was well worth the cost. My school has a 40% class rank requirement for retaining your scholarship, I know a number of students whose scholarships were reduced or eliminated for not making that cut, in my mind, Law Preview basically saved me $36,000 per year by assuring me I would have the foundation necessary for academic success and to retain my scholarship.

- Quinn E, Creighton University School of Law, Class of 2017