Trudy M. Cornell Law School, Class of 2016

Law Preview thoroughly introduced me to what law school would be all about, so that once I started, I could spend more time learning, and less time figuring out the basics. I was a little skeptical about how one-week would help me do better in law school, but Law Preview truly lived up to its reputation. The professors really did a great job of laying the foundation of what the courses would cover, and this gave me great confidence once I actually started classes (especially in Civil Procedure). I also found the advice on time-management skills, outlining, and briefing to be extremely valuable, because when I got overwhelmed, particularly in the first semester, I had something concrete to rely on. The greatest thing about Law Preview is that the relationship doesn’t end after the course does- all throughout my first year I was comforted with the e-mails that sent useful advice at different points throughout the year, and invitations to keep in touch. As I made my way through 1L year, LP was right there with me.

Trudy M., Cornell Law School, Class of 2016