3 Savvy Ways to Be a Law Student on the Cheap

Guest Blogger: Kate Fox, 1L Student

Kate Fox is a 1L at University of Pittsburgh School of Law and a social media intern for BARBRI Law Preview. She attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania, obtaining a degree in Marketing with a minor in Applied Statistics. As a first year, she has secured a summer legal internship with FedEx Ground in Pittsburgh… Read More

There are a lot of expenses with law school. Between books, tuition, housing, and, you know, food, there are too many things to worry about if you don’t have savings or financial support. You’re in law school and you need to focus. Instead of killing yourself working, try a few of these tips to save some dough. 

Buy Books from 2Ls and 3Ls

In undergrad, most students find savings by buying books online. However, law books don’t always come cheaper that way. It’s not a bad idea to check it out, but I can assure you that you will have lower transaction costs (get ready to hear that all the time) if you find students to sell you their copies. Just make sure it’s the right book that was listed on your course syllabus! 

Choose Your Housing Wisely

Every law school is situated differently in its city or town, so it’s hard to give advice on where to live. But think about how much time it takes to get to school, how much a neighborhood costs, and whether you want a roommate. Think about the Ubers between home and school you will inevitably take during stressful days. Think about the costs involved with living on your own, if living at home is an option where you choose to go to school. There are so many decisions, but housing will be the second biggest one, after picking the right school for you. 

Pack Your Lunch

Just another silly tip that is actually quite helpful. Unlike undergrad, you are going to spend your whole day at the same place, and you’re probably not going to go home in between classes. That means you have to shell out for a sandwich every day or you need to bring one with you. Trust us, brown-bagging it is much cheaper over 3 years. Save your lunches out for meetings with clients when you’re working! 

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