There’s an App for That: 5 Apps for Law Students

One part of being a savvy law student is using technology to your advantage. In law school, you’ll be required to digest large amounts of information in short periods of time. Turning to technology for study aids, note-taking and stress relief can help you manage your time and resources wisely. Since time management is an essential skill to have as a law student (and lawyer), integrating apps into your routine could play an important role in law school success.

Finding an app that you like can be extremely helpful throughout law school. Having your favorite study aid or planner at the palm of your hand at all times makes you a more efficient and organized law student. Check out our top 5 apps for law students.

Know and Understand Legal Jargon

Black's Law Dictionary App

Black’s Law Dictionary
Price: $54.99 / iOS & Android

You’ve probably heard of Black’s Law Dictionary. It serves as the most widely used law dictionary in the United States and most law students swear by it. Why should you invest in the app versus the hard copy? First off, you can quickly find any term using the search function. This will come in handy when your professor starts cold calling in class. Second, you don’t have to lug it around. You’ll be carrying enough books to and from class. Third, it’s cheaper (and we all know you’re most likely on a tight budget as a law student).

Take Notes & Stay Organized Across All Devices

Evernote App

Price: Free / iOS & Android

Want to be able to access your projects, notes and to-do lists on all of your devices? Use Evernote. With Evernote, you can take notes on your computer and have them automatically sync to your smartphone or tablet. Spill water on your computer? Don’t worry. All of your notes and outlines are safe and sound. You can also save audio recordings, videos and PDFs to the app and even use your smartphone camera to scan hard copy documents. The app is also built for collaboration, which allows you to share notes and outlines with your study group.

Study Smarter with Digital Flashcards

Quizlet App

Price: Free / iOS & Android

In law school, you’ll have to memorize a lot of information. Quizlet allows you to create your own digital flashcards within the app. You can also share your flashcards with others. The best thing about using this app is that you will always have your flashcards on you, just in case you find some extra time to review. Quizlet also gives you the option to create a study set, which builds a personalized study schedule based on your exam date. This option allows you to check your progress and includes push notification reminders when it’s time to study.

Stay On Track & Never Miss An Assignment Again

My Study Life App

My Study Life
Price: Free / iOS & Android

Throw out your planners, folks. This app has all of that and more. My Study Life is the ultimate organization tool for any busy law student. The app allows you to organize your classes, assignments and exams with the added option of setting reminders and rotation schedules. Track your progress on upcoming assignments and find the perfect time to study with this turbo-charged organizing tool.

Relieve Stress & Sharpen Your Mind

Headspace App

Price: Free / iOS & Android

At first glance, you may think that Headspace has no benefits to a busy law student. But think again. Headspace teaches users how to meditate with easy 10 minute guided meditation sessions. Meditation improves focus and decreases stress and anxiety. Wellness is important when attending law school. You’ll be under an immense amount of stress, and learning how to meditate can make it all a little more manageable.

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