Our Most Popular Questions, Answered

Preparing for law school can be stressful. Law Preview has helped thousands of incoming students prepare to conquer law school, before their first day of class. But don’t just take our word for it. Hear why our students recommend taking Law Preview for 1L success. Below are some Law Preview FAQs about our courses, financial assistance and more. Have additional questions? Fill out our contact form for answers.

1. Do I really have to prepare for law school?

Yes. Your first year grades not only determine your eligibility for law review and other academic honors, but also dictate what job opportunities are available when you graduate. That’s why it’s so important to go into law school prepared. Taking a Law Preview course prepares you for the challenges of law school before you ever set foot in the classroom.

2. How do I know which course is right for me?

We offer four different courses: 6-Day Live Course, 5-Day Live Course, 1-Day Legal Research & Writing Workshop and the Academic Skills Online Workshop. If you want to make the most of your prep this summer, choose the 6-Day Live Course. It’s basically all four courses rolled into one. Can’t make it in person? The Academic Skills Online Workshop focuses on the academic skills portion of our live program in a self-paced, on-demand format.

3. Does the Academic Skills Online Workshop cover the same things as the 6-Day Live Course?

No. The 6-Day Live Course covers everything from core 1L materials to legal writing and research. The Academic Skills Online Workshop only covers the academic skills portion of the live course and does not include nearly as much information, resources or guidance as the 5-Day or 6-Day Live Courses.

4. What’s included in the 6-Day Live Course?

The 6-Day Live Course includes a 5-day live overview of core 1L material, 1 day of instruction on legal writing and research, access to the Academic Skills Online Workshop, the BARBRI 1L Mastery Package and access to our job portal, study aids and research. It’s the complete package for law school success.

5. Where are the course locations, and do I have to take the course at my law school?

Our courses are offered at 18 locations nationwide. You can take a Law Preview course at the location nearest you. When you sign up, you will have the option to choose your desired location and date.

6. I’m not sure I can afford Law Preview, do you have financial aid assistance available?

Yes. We are proud to offer Law Preview scholarships at select schools around the country. Click here to see if your school is offering a Law Preview scholarship. The deadline is May 15, 2017, so apply today. If you register for a Law Preview course now and receive a scholarship, you will be reimbursed. You can also enroll with the No Interest Law Preview Payment Plan. The payment plan makes it easier to fit Law Preview into your budget.

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