Let’s Talk Scholarships: Tips from the Pros

Law school is expensive, which is why you should be applying for scholarships now.

The Admissions Dean Scholarship Finder features hundreds of law school scholarships, allowing you to filter your results to help you find scholarships most applicable to you.

These 5 important tips will help you win that scholarship you applied for, so you can stress less about law school debt in the future.

1. Start Searching for Scholarships ASAP

Starting the scholarship process early ensures you won’t miss an application deadline. Still waiting to hear back about your admissions status? It doesn’t hurt to start doing some research now.

Researching early gives you time to write down deadlines and requirements, so that you’re ready to apply as soon as you get into law school. There are hundreds of law school scholarships out there, starting early allows you to apply to as many as possible.

2. Stay Organized, Don’t Miss a Deadline

Staying organized is an extremely important part of scholarship (and law school) success. Keeping track of scholarship deadlines and requirements is an essential step in creating a successful scholarship application strategy.

Download the Law Preview Scholarship Organizer to help keep you on track throughout the application process.

3. Apply for Scholarships with Smaller Awards, Too

When searching for scholarships, most students look for opportunities that offer the biggest bucks. However, those scholarships also have the most competition.

Scholarships with smaller rewards often have less applicants, so your chances of getting noticed (and winning) may be higher. Earning a number of smaller awards adds up and can help pay for things like books, supplies and living expenses.

4. Make It Personal

When looking for scholarships, it’s important to find opportunities that interest you. It’s easy to burn yourself out by applying for every scholarship out there.

Keep yourself motivated by finding scholarships that you’re passionate about. Organizations/schools want to award students who show enthusiasm. Applying for scholarships that interest you results in a stronger submission.

Not sure where to start? Use the AdmissionsDean Scholarship Finder to find the right scholarship for you.

5. Double, Triple and Quadruple Check Your Work (and Application Directions)

I know you’re probably thinking “well that’s obvious,” but proofreading your work is the last and most important step in the application process.

Scholarship instructions can be lengthy and dense. It’s important to read (then re-read) the directions and make sure that you follow them closely. Once you’ve done that, reread your application, recommendation letters and any other materials you’ll be submitting.

Spelling and grammar mistakes may get you disqualified, so it doesn’t hurt to ask others to proofread for you before clicking submit.

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