Five Podcasts For Incoming Law Students

Listening to podcasts is a great way to leisurely learn new information. You might be a podcast regular when it comes to true crime, politics or entertainment, but did you know that you can also use podcasts to prepare for law school?

Whether you’re commuting, at the gym, or doing anything at all, tuning into a podcast gives you the flexibility of learning about the law school experience from experts without getting overwhelmed.

If you’re starting law school and looking for a podcast you can tune into to help get you ahead, check out the list of podcasts for incoming law students below.

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Podcast #1: ‎ABA Law Student Podcast

The American Bar Association’s Law Student Division created the podcast to talk about issues that affect law students and recent grads. They give the listener insight into student loans, studying and passing the Bar exam, summer associate positions, finding jobs after law school, and so much more.

This one is hands down the best podcasts for incoming law students to listen to.

The podcast also dives into valuable information such as combatting anxiety and depression while in law school, as well as social justice issues prevalent in the legal community today.

One episode we highly suggest incoming 1Ls listen to in this podcast is, “How To Be Successful In Law School.” This episode shares tips and tricks that future law students can use to prepare more for law school.

Episodes can be listened to on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and Google Play.

Podcast #2: Above The Law: Thinking Like a Lawyer

In this podcast, legal professionals and law students are invited to listen to topics in everyday culture through the lens of the legal framework.

For example, in the episode, “Would You Rather, But Legal,” the hosts present their listeners with challenging legal situations and which route they would choose to take but in the format of the popular game, Would You Rather?

In another episode of this podcast titled, “Law School Campuses In The Wake Of Kavanaugh,” a professor at NYU joins the show to talk about the mood and reactions of law students on campus following the Kavanaugh hearing and appointment.

There are two episodes within the podcast that incoming law students should focus on specifically. In “Law School Decisions 2019 (Parts 1 and 2),” the hosts of the show give their listeners over an hour of Q&As relating to how students should decide where they will attend law school.

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Thinking Like A Lawyer provides you with the framework to do exactly that: to start thinking like a lawyer. Those wanting to listen to this podcast can find it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Google Play.

Podcast #3: I Am The Law (IATL)

Produced by Law School Transparency, I Am The Law interviews new and seasoned law school graduates on what the practice of law is actually like. This is a great podcast for incoming law students as IATL’s primary goal is to help law students make better decisions while in law school.

One of the hosts of this podcast includes Ohio State University law professor, Deborah Merritt, who teaches criminal defense and Prosecution clinics. The second host is Kimber Russell, who has experience with many companies in the legal profession. The final host is Aaron Taylor, a law professor at St. Louis University.

Episodes range from 20-30 minutes and can be found on iTunes, PlayerFM, TuneIn, Stitcher, and RSS.

Podcast #4: The Legal Toolkit

The Legal Toolkit is a podcast designed for professionals in law practice management. We’ve included this podcast on our list because many of the episodes discuss what law firms look for in their legal talent. Knowing the latest updates in law practice management, as well as what partners and hiring departments of law firms are looking for will help you be more prepared when interviewing for summer jobs and internships.

This is also a great podcast for those incoming law students whose goals are to open their own law firm one day. A stand-out episode to listen to in this podcast would be, “Taking Ownership of Your Legal Career.” This episode teaches you how to take actionable steps to develop the right mindset in taking command of your professional life, especially if your goal is to open your own firm one day.

Episodes range from 30 to 45 minutes and can be listened to on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and Google Play.

Podcast #5: @theBar by the Chicago Bar Association

Chicago’s Bar Association podcast, @theBar, brings new lawyers onto the show to discuss legal news and current events. Topics on the show range from gun law issues, divorce rates, abortion laws, and even prosecution of serial killers.

We recommend this podcast for its relevance in current affairs, as well its wide range of topics and having something for everyone. Episodes are typically an hour long and can be listened to on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and Google Play.

Bonus Pod: Casefile True Crime

With an anonymous host, Casefile True Crime is your go-to podcast for those who love chilling true crime stories. With many episodes also diving into the trial of the crimes, this podcast is an excellent option for those entering law school who are interested in criminal prosecution and defense.

Casefile True Crime always starts its episodes with a listener’s discretion warning. Most episodes revolve around murders, serial killers, or mysterious missing persons cases. If you’re the type of person who enjoys binging true crime or serial killer documentaries on Netflix, this is the podcast for you.

If you’re looking for an episode with more of a focus on the legal aspect of crimes, the three-part Silk Road episodes are a great place to start. The episodes dive into the dark web, cybercrimes, money laundering, and illegal drug selling, as well as an in-depth look into the federal investigation and the trial.

Episodes typically range from 45 minutes to over an hour. Listeners can find Casefile True Crime on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Castbox, and Stitcher.

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