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I answered the video call to him showing off his toothless smile, and laughed while I asked if the tooth fairy had come to visit him. This was the third time this week he had called me. He told me he dislikes first grade because they make you read every night, and I countered by telling him that reading makes your brain strong and healthy. After a few minutes of showing me his toys and pushing his brother out of view, it was time to say goodbye. He asked when I would come to see him again, and I promised it would be soon.

He is one of the 26 reasons I want to attend law school. I met him last year when he was starting kindergarten. He and his ten siblings were placed in foster care in August 2021, and I had the privilege to work with all but two siblings at the Texas Girls and Boys Ranch, a group foster home in west Texas.

The other 16 reasons I want to become a lawyer also live at the group foster home. All of them were taken from dangerous situations at home and given a new chance at life. All of them are loving, growing, and in need of help.

The turning point for me wanting to become a lawyer was when I was tasked with driving the oldest of the sibling group to the courthouse to make a statement about her life at home. She told a horrific story of sexual assault, neglect, and starvation. She was only 13 and had raised all of her siblings independently.

After this day, I knew why these children were all put in my life. They were my drive to change the world.

Some counties in Texas have annulled the Texas Child Protective Services and opted for a private group. This private group pushes for children to be placed in their original homes, where they were removed from. Not only is this a dangerous mindset, but it can lead to cycles of multiple stays in the foster care system.

Due to this shuffle of paperwork, the sibling group of ten- and many other sibling groups- have been completely separated and spread to different, distant family members all over the state.

I want to use my law degree to fight for these children to be in safe, permanent homes. I want to use my knowledge of the foster care system to represent children in the courtroom. I have seen the love and support they are deprived of at home and how it affects them. I want to be the light that offers them comfort and solid home life.

The One Lawyer Can Change the World Scholarship would allow me to accomplish this dream by reducing the financial burden of attending law school and ultimately get me one step closer to achieving my goal.

My ultimate career goal as a future lawyer is to become a dedicated advocate for foster children, ensuring their voices are heard and their rights are protected. I aspire to improve the foster care system, promote positive outcomes for at-risk children, and advocate for policies prioritizing their well-being and best interests. By leveraging my legal knowledge, empathy, and personal understanding of their unique challenges, I aim to make a lasting impact by providing legal representation, raising awareness, and actively engaging with organizations like the Texas Girls and Boys Ranch to bring about meaningful change in the lives of foster children.

Texas Tech University School of Law is the ideal school for me and my goal to become a successful lawyer one day. I did my undergraduate at Texas Tech and know how important philanthropy and community is to this school. On top of that, TTU Law offers an excellent Trial Advocacy Program, Pro Bono programs, and so much more. The first time I visited, everyone made me feel like family; it is exactly where I belong.

There are so many people I would like to thank for helping me get to this point, my undergraduate professors, friends who supported me, and professional mentors. I would also like to thank BARBRI for hosting this scholarship and allowing me to have my story heard.
I am incredibly grateful for my family; they have supported and guided me through life to help me get into law school and continue to succeed. I especially want to thank my parents and grandparents, who taught me determination, respect, integrity, and to go through life gracefully.

Winning this scholarship would hold great significance for me personally and professionally. It would remind me that I can become a voice of change and honor my dedication to children in the foster care system. As well as keep me motivated throughout the challenging years of law school, assuring me I am meant to be here and meant to do so much.

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