$10k Scholarship finalists


A message from Don

The standard thing to say when making this type of announcement is that “It was a tough decision.”  As stale as that platitude is, it’s also true.  Each of our Finalists’ essays demonstrate a true commitment to becoming change agents.  Thankfully, we were aided by more than 6,000 voters and their insightful comments of support. Some of the most common words that voters used when describing our Finalists were: “inspiring,” “powerful,” and “dedicated.”  We couldn’t agree more with those sentiments.

BARBRI Law Preview is incredibly humbled and honored to award $23,000 in scholarships to support these entering 1Ls as they begin their law school careers:

2020 Scholarship Finalists

$10,000 Scholarship Award: Harold Grigsby III (Harvard Law School)

$5,000 Scholarship Award: Sulaiman Ahmad (University of South Carolina School of Law)

$1,000 Scholarship Awards:

BARBRI Law Preview considers this scholarship as an opportunity to support future lawyers who are destined to have a positive and lasting impact.  We believe these students’ influence will be massive and cannot wait to feel their effect on our world.

Congratulations to each of our scholarship award recipients!

2020 Scholarship Finalists

Amber Letchworth

Gonzaga University School of Law
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Harold Grigsby III

Harvard Law School
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Jason Onyediri

University of Texas School of Law
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Kendall Wharton

Northwestern Univ., Pritzker School of Law
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Kristen Powell

University of Chicago Law School
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Lisa Cho

City University of New York School of Law
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Mariah Dozé

Georgetown University Law Center
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Mercy Romero Alemán

Brooklyn Law School
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Sulaiman Ahmad

University of South Carolina School of Law
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Tre’ Leonard

American University Washington College of Law
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