Course locations & schedules

In addition to continuing to offer our popular On-Demand course, in 2021, we hope to return to the live classroom by hosting two Live Law Preview classes:

  • Los Angeles, CA: USC School of Law (July 26-31, 2021) and
  • New York, NY:  NYU School of Law in New York (August 2-7, 2021).

To ensure adequate social distancing, we will limit attendance to just 85 students at each venue.

If, in our sole discretion, COVID-19 may jeopardize the safety of our students, faculty, or host law schools, BARBRI Law Preview reserves the right to cancel in-person instruction. If forced to cancel a Live class, BARBRI Law Preview will provide registered students will the option to attend a Live Stream via Zoom during the same dates/times as their session or, alternatively, switch to the On-Demand course.  To ensure personalized instruction, Zoom attendance will also be limited to 85 students.