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Five Things About The LSAT Nobody Is Telling You

By Dave Killoran, PowerScore LSAT Preparation The Easiest and Most Difficult Sections to Improve On Logic Games, also known as Analytical Reasoning, is the section most foreign to the typical LSAT student. It has nothing to do with the law, and is based on a puzzle format. Because the section is so unusual, most students […]

Five Things To Do Before Taking The LSAT

By PowerScore LSAT Preparation Optimizing your LSAT score requires walking into the test mentally ready and prepared for optimal performance. The following tips will help you get there! Get Familiar with Your Test Center In order to remove as much uncertainty as possible on test day, take a trip to your test center at some […]

What to Do After You Take the LSAT

By Jon Denning, PowerScore LSAT Preparation The days immediately following an LSAT are always attended by an unrelenting stew of emotions for students: relief to be through it, anxiety about how they performed, and sleepless nights waiting on their results. For many people—and fingers crossed you’re among them—the LSAT is a memory, and prep books […]