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Everything You Need to Know About Outlining

Guest Blogger: Brandy Brown, The Legal Duchess Brandy Brown…

Summer Plans for the Incoming 1L Student

The summer before law school is here and things are about to…
Habits of law students

The 4 Healthy Habits of Successful Law Students

Being a top law student isn't just about doing the assignments.…

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Looking for more information about our courses & scholarships? Download our free course and scholarship guide to learn more about Law Preview’s live classroom instruction, our online workshops, scholarships, and more.


BARBRI Law Preview Webinar Series:

Prepare to Make Your Way to Law School

How do I choose the right law school for me? Once I’ve chosen a law school, how do I get off the waitlist? What are my options for paying for law school? These are some of the important questions you may be grappling with as you prepare to make your way to law school. They’re also the questions we address in the Law Preview webinar series.

Get practical tips and in-depth advice from legal experts and current and former students on the topics that matter. Play and replay the webinars at your convenience, so you can be law school ready when the time comes.

First Look Job Portal

“First Look” is a free service exclusively for Law Preview alums to advance their career opportunities.

Despite the challenges facing students in today’s difficult legal hiring market, the competition among law firms for top talent remains fierce and several recruiting managers at our sponsoring firms asked us to develop a way to make early connections with all BARBRI Law Preview alums. Working closely with these recruiters, we created “First Look,” a first-of-its-kind service that helps match law students with the top law firms interested in recruiting them.

Our pre-OCI (on-campus interview) database provides every BARBRI Law Preview student with an exclusive, early opportunity to connect with recruiters at our sponsoring firms in December of the fall semester – months before the formal on-campus interview process begins. So, while competition for top summer associate positions remains intense, Law Preview students can leverage our network of top legal employers and enjoy a significant head start in their search for meaningful employment.

Access First Look

BARBRI Alums can add an employment profile to First Look.

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