Seven reasons why you should take law preview this summer

Law school is unlike any other academic experience out there. You might even find that the methods you used in undergrad no longer work when you start your 1L year. Preparing for law school can mean the difference between top 1L grades or flunking out.

That’s why we created Law Preview.

Law Preview gives you a comprehensive overview of the entire law school experience from course material to outlining and exam-taking. Get the tools and knowledge you need to succeed with a Law Preview Law School Prep Course.

Not sure if 1L prep is right for you? Check out the seven reasons why you should take Law Preview below.

Set yourself up for 1L success

Your first-year grades are the most important grades you’ll receive in law school. They impact everything from academic honors to your eventual legal career. Being in the top of your 1L class can even help you transfer to a different school after 1L.

At Law Preview, our courses are built to teach incoming 1L students how to succeed in law school and beyond.

Law Preview students walk into the first day of law school with the tools and knowledge they need to get to the top of the class. While their peers are just trying to keep up.

Our courses give you a taste of the law school experience while also teaching invaluable knowledge from real law school professors. In short, we teach you how to #conquerlawschool.

Learn core 1L material, outlining, exam taking & more

Law Preview courses are built to give you a full overview of the most important things you’ll learn in law school. Our students learn everything from law school course material to techniques and methods to help them succeed outside of the classroom.

Course lessons include:

  • An overview of core 1L material including: torts, contracts, property, civil procedure, constitutional law, and criminal law
  • Case briefing and case law analysis
  • Academic success skills and tools
  • Proven exam-taking strategies and methods
  • Legal writing and research 101

Check out the syllabus to learn more.

Learn from top law school professors

Law Preview professors are recognized experts in their fields and teach at some of the best law schools in the country.

Get an overview of legal writing & research

Start your 1L year with a comprehensive understanding of legal writing and research.

Learn argument structure, persuasive writing, oral argument, how to analyze legal authority and more. Plus, gain access to online research and resources by LexisNexis.

Gain access to BARBRI 1L Mastery

BARBRI 1L Mastery is included in all Law Preview purchases.

BARBRI 1L Mastery is a set of study aids developed for current law students who seek clarity and practice as they grapple with the black-letter law they learn during the semester.

The BARBRI 1L Mastery Package gives 1L’s access to detailed outlines, final exam review lectures and practice questions for all 1L subjects.

Take home three best-selling study aids

Students will receive access to the West Academic Study Aids Collection as part of the Law Preview course. These study aids serve as helpful resources to guide you through some of the toughest courses in law school.

Study aids include:

On-demand course

The On-Demand Course allows students to take the course at their own pace and provides extended access so students can reference the course as needed throughout their 1L year.

Sign up for a law preview course today

At Law Preview, our goal is to teach you how to #conquerlawschool. That’s why we’ve created the most comprehensive law school prep course on the market. Get ready to learn how to be a top law student from the nation’s best law school professors.

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